Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's on my Fridge....

Today I decided to share a couple more of the printables I have on my fridge right now.
The first one is for me. It reminds me of things I need to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
 to try to keep up with my house.
  My "Today's Tasks" come partly from my Daily - Weekly - Monthly list that is on the front of my fridge.
 I take items from it, and add to my Today's Tasks.

On my weekly list I have it sorted in different colors, I try to do a different color each day.  Some weeks are definitely better than others on getting things done.  Either way,  I still like to see what I did get done, and make sure the others get done the following week if they got missed.  One of the most important things for me to remember is that my brain is for thinking, not remembering.....write it down!!! As soon as I think of something I need to do I write it down or it's gone. I have too much going on to try to think back to what I needed.  I don't even can barely make it from one room to the next remembering why I'm there. 
So....not only are there lists for me on the fridge, there are also lists for my kids. Some of my kids are list lovers like me,  others hate tolerate them.  They do know though, that they have to have their list done to "enjoy" their weekend. 
Not only is it nice for me to be able to ask if their list is done, my hubby loves that he can ask to see their sheet when they ask to go somewhere.  No more putting one over on dad forgetting what they had left to do.  Did you notice that I'm training them to use timers too?  5 minute bedroom clean usually does the trick.  Sometimes, if it gets too out of control, I have to step in and say, "You're here till it's clean!"  Playing for 2 hours can't always be picked up in 5 minutes, but now that the weather is nice and they spend so much time outside, 5 min usually keeps it clean.  They do have what is known at our house as "Friday Jobs".  Some people clean the house on Saturday, not us, we clean on Friday so we can play on Saturday.  My hubby hated that the one day he got to spend with the family was spent cleaning. Also it seems like ball games and practices, birthday parties etc. were always on Saturday morning, also it was not fun trying to get teenagers up after being up late Friday night.  So before we get to "enjoy the weekend" our lists are done, including Friday Jobs.  For Friday jobs each child has to have their room "mom clean", along with one other room. 
 Dust, vacuum, straighten closets etc. are done once a week, then at least if it's a little cluttered, I know it's "clean".  I love to have a clean house, but I also know they need to be kids!
I know every one will have different jobs, but I am posting a blank chart that you can fill in with the things you'd like your kids to get done each day.
If your kids hate only tolerate list, don't let them know you got them here ;)

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