Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pantry Organization

My pantry was out of control in need of a make over.  I could clean it all out and in 2 or 3 days it was a mess again.  I have a lot of stuff in there, and there just wasn't enough room. See all that stuff in the corners....It would take 5 minutes to get to it by the time I moved everything.  As you can see, when it got put away it got shoved somewhere else and things never seem to fit the same going back in.  HELP!
 I wanted 90% of the stuff in "A space" but only had 40% of my pantry that was "A space". job was to make more "A space".   I called in reinforcement from my better half (doesn't hurt that he's very handy too!). 
My scary thrown in pantry!

Enter the Lazy Susan.....I think it needs a new the Organized Susan!
After emptying the pantry we had to figure out how big each round could be.  For our shelves we went with a scrap piece of plywood - not the prettiest, but it is strong and has held up well.  Using a jig saw we my hubby cut it into 4 circles. Centered on each shelf you will need to mark and pre-drill 4 anchor spots (before you attach your base to the cupboard....) 
Painted to match and so it will be easier to wipe off
We attached 4 lazy susan hardware kits.  You can find them at any hardware store from $5-$20.  Ours were $7 for the smaller two shelves and $10 for the large two.
 After painting each round, we attached each one to the "organized susan" hardware.  Yes, I even attached one to the floor for my 5 gallon buckets of flours and sugar.
 I also added a few shelves for my spices on the right.  I my hubby simply cut a few 2x4's to the length I wanted.  Against the wall we stacked 2 2x4's and in front of it we used 1 2x4.  It gives us 3 shelves and works so well!
  Now to use those "organized susans" to get my pantry looking good.
I wish I could say my pantry always looks like this.....NOT!  But....It has been so much easier to keep organized, and much easier to clean out too.  Since this picture I've also added a few more totes.  My totes are each labeled so my kids and hubby have no excuse that they didn't know where something went.  Baking Supplies/Breads/Hot Cereals/Pasta-Rice-Mixes/Chips/Paper Goods
I love how it turned out and it really didn't take me my hubby long at all.  One afternoon start to finish!


  1. Um, this is brilliant! I'm always going to call them "Organized Susan" now. ;)

    1. My kids have been rolling their eyes when I say "grab's on the top organized Susan" haha

  2. Digging thru those bins (and having to shove stuff back in them neatly) would be a deterrent for me. The LS is a great idea tho. I would use some cute wipeable contact on them.

    1. That's a great idea and it could add some "cuteness" too! Thanks for the idea